Shiloh Baptist Church was birthed out of a desire to establish a church that unashamedly proclaims that Jesus Christ died for everyone who confesses their sins, asks for forgiveness and invites Jesus to live in their hearts.

Eight people met around a kitchen table on Feb. 2, 2019 to see if there was enough interest in establishing a new congregation in the Hermitage-Mount Juliet area. After about two hours, the consensus was that we needed to pray diligently and meet again later to see if God was leading us to move forward with a new church.

A week later the group convened again, this time, with spouses and spent most of that time in prayer. It soon became apparent God wanted the group to provide leadership for a new church.

From that point on, the birth of Shiloh Baptist Church can only be described as a miracle from God. In four weeks, the core team (the group who first met and their spouses) had secured a place to meet (Lakewood Baptist Church) and a pastor (Chuck Workman).

In one month, the church launched with its first service on March 3. More than 300 people attended the worship service and remained for a fellowship meal.

Shiloh welcomes any and all who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior into our membership. If you have questions about what it means to be a Christian, please contact our pastor, Cody Pendergrass, for more information.

Our story is still being written.




Shiloh, a newborn church taking its first steps with the Lord
With humble members standing up for what we believe.
How we pray our new walk of life may be in sweet accord
With abundant blessings that we’re worthy to receive.

From Genesis to Revelation, inspired by God alone,
In all countries our Bible is now being read and heard.
From the world’s most Holy Scripture, God has let it be known,
He will not allow distortion of one sacred Word.

We should hold fast to our faith since false prophets still abound
To beguile and confuse, to deceive and take control.
And we must search God’s word to know of the doctrines unsound–
Which would corrupt the Christian mind and harvest the soul.

Shiloh Baptist Church, a home of tranquility and peace.
Worship here until you journey to your great reward.
From our love and fellowship feel your worthiness increase–
Enough to stand in the Holy Presence of the Lord.

© Colonel Hugh X. Lewis